Assalamu’alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh!

Allah created us in this world with billions and billions of reasons.  Is just that we have to find and figure it out what they are.

Life is full of challenging.

I am an ordinary person like you.  I studied but not yet studied abroad.  I only studied until i reached Diploma for now.  I am currently working just to help my financial family and my husband, insha Allah.

I am an ordinary person like you.  Have our own history.  Bad or Good.  We cannot change our history but we can change ourselves to be better for our future.  Because Allah will not look what is our past and what we are in the past.  But Allah will look what we are now.

I am an ordinary person like you.  Everyday, ups and downs but still we have Allah everyday.  I always reflect myself anywhere, even in my home.  Try to be better and learn from mistakes that we made, even it is small matter but still need to make it better.  Like a small flower, blooms beautifully and billions people smile for it.

I am an ordinary person like you.  Talented play guitar and until now i miss playing it.  Loves to sing and loves to write islamic lyrics.  Sometimes cover from original lyrics and sometimes i write my own.  This inspires me from one of my friend.  People now a days loves to update their songs, and some people stick with an old songs.  My friend taught us to change the lyric in islamik words and then inspired me to make more lyrics.

I am an ordinary person like you.  For those who love books, so do i.  From the book, i can reflect myself and from the book, i can share to you.  Long story short, i am a bookworm!

I am an ordinary person like you.  A human being.  Created by Allah.  We are in the same level but different characters.

I am an ordinary person like you.  Not perfect.  Always makes mistakes.  Even myself, if i write in my blog or share to other people, somehow i am worried much.  I’m worried that if i say things are right or wrong.  If i say things that make people broken heart or  feel down.  I’m worried that what i’m trying to say, may not people will accept it or just ignore it.  But still i move on and everyday, i always be careful, even though its right.

I am an ordinary person like you.  Aim things for ourselves to be better.  I pray that one day i am going to travel at certain countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and all Asia’s.  Then my pray-list will be around Europe.  I once traveled to Philippines – since i was really small.  In 2014, i traveled to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for a week.

I am ordinary person like you.  Eager want to try something new.  Think big that people would not possible to do it.

Nothing is impossible when we have Allah by our side.  If we have faith in us, and faith in Allah, Insha Allah, Allah will guide us all the way for our achievements.

May Allah ease everything.


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